Preventing lung cancer by improving access to specialized medical tests,
and multi-level health education in Polkowice district.

Norway+Grants+EPS Supported by a grand from Norway

The project aim is to reduce the incidence of cancer in Polkowice district. Its inhabitants die more often than other Poles because of bad lifestyle. The biggest impact on the SMR has a high incidence of cancer of lungs and bronchi and late detection. The main reasons are: long-term smoking incl. passive smoking, early initiation of addiction (even 12 -year-old children smoke!) and lack of access to a diagnostics. The district will intensify primary prevention among youth affected by the disease risk: awareness, persuasion and support in quitting smoking. It will deploy a secondary prevention: a complex program of screening for adults in high-risk groups, esp. smokers 50 +. A variety of info-educational actions (prevention and health promotion), coherent with target groups’ preferences, will bring the behavioral change. The number of people examined regularly will grow by more than 5,000 and the number of those averse to smoking will increase: 30 K people will get the message about this addiction’s danger. As a result, the mortality rate from lung cancer will be reduced. The district will replicate the results by promotion and multiplying the project with partners.